When you want to shoot

A lot of people find guns, especially firearms, very attractive. Many people would like to have a weapon, or at least want to shoot it somewhere. And for some, such a wish is fulfilled, at least sometimes. But this is usually only when such a person becomes a soldier, police officer, hunter or someone similar, or if he obtains a firearms license and thus the right to acquire and properly use a similar weapon.

But getting a firearm in the Czech Republic is not easy at all. And it\’s not really a cheap affair. People who want to have something similar and potentially dangerous are logically subject to strict requirements that not everyone can meet, and many give up the possibility of owning a firearm, perhaps because it would be disproportionately expensive for them. And so there are people among the people who would like to shoot just for fun, but they can\’t. They have nothing to shoot at.

ležící kolt

And when someone wants a similar opportunity, they have to use a shooting range designed for just such people. Because here is the possibility for basically everyone. For Czechs and English-speaking foreigners. Anyone who wants to can make an appointment here, have it brought here and then enjoy it here.

Here they will offer each client all the necessary equipment, as well as an instructor and one of the various weapons of the customer\’s choice, they will take care of everything important.

míření pistolí

And so everyone who is impressed by the shooting and who cannot resist its temptations will get their money\’s worth. Everyone who wants to shoot something real will enjoy it here. And if you are also attracted to it, you can be among those who will also use this shooting range. And they wouldn\’t stab you if it\’s possible at a very reasonable price! This is where the most ideal conditions are for anyone who wants to have a really good weapon in their hand. So they don\’t have to travel all the way to the wild west.